Never leave with an empty truck going one way and with each new item listed maximize your income. Our online marketing platform provides you with an alternative means to access thousands of items to be shipped. You choose what, when and where to ship while helping your business thrive with less expense to you.

There is no cost to join, let your bidding begin today. Simply build your profile, search for your preferred items and locations, ask questions, place your bid and let our online platform work for you.


Build your profile for success. Download one business picture, complete the requested information in the fields provided and tell the Shippers about your business. Utilize this area to present all your businesses qualities that will place you above others. Once you have set up your profile and began using this platform for your business, you will have ratings from Shippers for reviews.

Additionally, you will set up your account for payment of deliveries. This will be set in Stripe, which is a secure online server.


Use our marketing platform to talk to Shippers, asking questions and answering questions is key. Once you have been awarded a bid and the Shipper has paid for your transport services, you will have this Shippers direct contact information. Reach out to them, introduce yourself and keep the lines of communication open throughout this move, from pick-up to delivery. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE AN AREA FOR YOU TO MARK YOUR ITEM AS PICKED UP AND DELIVERED. As you know, the more personal the service the better your rating will be.


Our mobile app will always be at your fingertips. In this business your time is money, this will allow you to make any necessary changes, work with your Shippers or review and bid on new items while on the go. Also see Terms of Use, Section 11 (Mobile Application Usage) for additional information.


ShipIt marketing platform will make the payment process easy and convenient for you. Once your bid is awarded, your Shipper will pay this amount directly through this platform. Your Shipper will need to mark this item as DELIVERED to allow your payment to be processed (DO NOT UNLOAD UNTIL YOUR SHIPPER HAS MARKED YOUR ITEM AS DELIVERED). Your awarded bid less our processing fee, which is calculated when you place your bid, is then released to be electronically transferred into your pre-set account within 24 hours, you will have your funds within 3 to 5 business days. Also see Terms of Use, Section 6 (Payments, Charge Backs and Reversed Payments) for additional information.

Also see Terms of Use, Section 5 (Transportation Service Provider (TSP)) for additional information.