About Us

ShipIt is a fresh, new and cost-effective alternative marketing platform for shippers and transporters to connect. This website has been developed by a team that collectively have more than 50 years of experience in the shipping arena. ShipIt wants to make a difference and we are taking many steps early on to make this possible.

We are proud that our website team shares in our company. You may think that this is not unusual, however, these two young men have stepped up to be part of this exciting new venture while balancing educational pursuits and many other extracurricular activities. We are honored to stand beside them. We also have an extraordinary marketing team that values our vision in trying to present our website with a hands-on personal feel.

Our goal is for you, the shipper to be able ship anything, anytime, anywhere in an affordable way through a bidding process while at the same time offering a cost-effective solution for transporters to provide their services. We like to say, Your Rules, Your Way, meaning you, the Shipper, have the power to set Your Rules by picking the transporter that best fits your needs while at the same time allowing you, the Transporter, the ability to find an item or fill a load going Your Way. We're simply providing the platform for you, our members, to connect allowing cherished possessions to get from here to there. ShipIt with ease from coast to coast!